The Biolife Mission statement reads: “To develop and market products that improve our consumers’ quality of life.”  Of the numerous contacts we receive each day, the vast majority share the delight and excitement our consumers feel after using our products.  We are grateful that our products can truly change lives for the better.  We relentlessly pursue our corporate Vision “To contribute to the universal greater good by providing products that save lives and reduce pain and suffering” and will continue to broaden the availability and affordability of our products.

You can read a few of the comments we get daily about how the powder has helped people in need.


You can’t believe the relief the powder has given me. I’ve had finger cuts that have lasted for weeks because my blood takes a long time to clot. While traditional aids didn’t help me, the powder worked effectively by stopping the bleeding quickly. If it works for me, it can work for anyone.

Hemophilia patient, FL

I have found WoundSeal Powder particularly helpful in a broad range of bleeding events. I use it frequently and it works very well for deep abrasions, avulsions, skin tears, cuts, and varicose veins.


I have been diagnosed with severe myelodysplasia, a bone marrow cancer which causes low platelets and low red cells… I can’t afford to lose a drop of blood. In the past, I would lose so much blood before I arrived at the ER that I had to have a transfusion. Your product stopped my bleeding and prevented a costly procedure in the ER. I will keep it in my home . . thank you!

Cancer Patient, Tennessee

I always bang myself and bleed very easily. I had read about WoundSeal powder in the newspaper. This time I injured myself and could not stop the bleeding, so I went to Walgreens and purchased WoundSeal. I'm writing this to thank you, it worked great!

Port Orange, FL

I work in the food preparation industry. I was at work working with a knife and neglected to put on my safety gloves. I cut myself and was bleeding profusely due to the aspirin I take. I got a package of WoundSeal out of the safety cabinet, used it and the bleeding stopped immediately! My boss called today to purchase a replacement of this terrific product.

Baptist Regional MC, Corbin, KY

This powder was placed in our "First Aid" drawer at a vacation home as an afterthought...I found it (at the store) by accident and figured it wouldn't hurt to have it there. One month later, my husband was starting to whittle with a new knife, and, well....the cut to the palm of his hand was deep and two inches long. I immediately thought of this product and pressed it into action, literally! The results were amazing. We have become 'believers' in WoundSeal!

Tallahassee, FL

My cat was bitten by another cat and developed an infection on his hindquarters that opened up into a big wound. I took him to the vet who cleaned him up and sent him home with one of those funny looking collars and some antibiotics, but the wound was still open and oozing (how do you keep a bandage on a cat?!). I remembered that I bought some WoundSeal for myself and figured I would try it on my cat. It worked great to seal up the wound and keep my cat from getting blood everywhere while he healed. (The wound healed amazingly fast, which was great since he HATED wearing that collar!) Max, the cat, and I are so glad we had WoundSeal!

Westerville, Oh

Who ever invented WoundSeal deserves an award, your product saved my foot!"  Maxine has diabetes and has had in the past a very serious Diabetic Ulcer on her foot.  "Even the hospital couldn't fix it. I found WoundSeal in the first aid aisle at my local pharmacy and thought to give it a try. Your WoundSeal product closed up my ulcer, saved my life.