Our Healthcare Professional products, StatSeal®, StatSeal® Disc and StatSeal® ADVANCED, are improving lives and quality of care in the hospital setting.  Vascular Access teams use StatSeal® to seal access sites and keep them “dry and intact”.  Importantly, clinical data has shown the powder reduces dressing changes, an important goal for hospitals.  In Interventional Radiology and Cardiac Cath Labs, StatSeal® ADVANCED allows doctors and techs to control arterial bleeding more quickly, reducing hold times and improving patient comfort.

The healthcare line also includes WoundSeal®MD.  These products are used in emergency care settings to treat other non- suturable wounds like skin tears.  WoundSeal®MD helps office-based physicians treat a range of minor external bleeding from wounds and procedures, notably in Dermatology and Podiatry.   Healthcare professionals in Coumadin clinics and Dialysis clinics trust WoundSeal® MD to stop bleeding for their patients.




StatSeal® is a topical powder that forms a seal around catheters or over a wound to stop the flow of exudate and/or blood and protect the site.

Made of a hydrophilic polymer and potassium ferrate, StatSeal® Powder does not depend on the body’s natural clotting mechanism to form a seal.

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AdvancedpouchsmStatSeal® ADVANCED is a topical hemostatic powder that controls external bleeding from:

– Sheath removal following vascular access procedures
– Hemodialysis access maintenance (fistula/graft sheath removal)
– Other special diagnostic or interventional procedures resulting in external bleeding.

StatSeal® ADVANCED also stops bleeding/oozing that often occurs after closure device deployment.

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The groundbreaking technology of StatSeal® Powder, now in an easy-to-use compressed powder disc.

Available in Extra Small (~1.9-4 Fr), Small (~4-6 Fr) Medium (~6-9Fr) Large (~10-14Fr)  Extra Large (~15-18Fr) and StatSeal Advanced Disc (For temporary external control of bleeding from sheath and catheter removals).



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Box_swab_blisterFor Hard-to-Reach Applications

WoundSeal® MD + Applicator comes with a specially designed applicator for hard-to-reach wounds or applying the powder to another person.

WoundSeal® MD + Applicator quickly forms a seal that stops bleeding and helps protect the site.

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