Occupational First Aid

Bleeding injuries cost more than you think. WoundSeal helps workers get back to work quickly, reducing employee downtime. WoundSeal can nelp minimize unecessary trips to the ER and help reduce OSHA-reportable claims. WoundSeal is not OSHA-recordable as it considered “first-aid” treatment.

Unlike other first aid products, WoundSeal is the only product that forms a seal/scab over the wound. This seal stops bleeding, allows the body’s own mechanism to begin healing. The seal falls off naturally as the wound heals.




For Cuts & Lacerations

Pour powder directly onto wound to stop bleeding instantly.
Product features a new tube design to create a more accurate pour and an easy-to-open lid.



WoundSeal + Applicator

For Lacerations, Head Wounds and other hard to reach areas.

Or when applying to another person. Use the special applicator to deliver the powder.

Powder Pays for Itself:

– Helps workers get to work quickly… reducing employee downtime.
– Minimizes unnecessary trips to the ER
– Results in fewer OSHA-recordable events… WoundSeal is not OSHA- recordable as it is considered first-aid treatment.

Is Fast and Effective:

– Stops bleeding in seconds and forms a protective scab/seal allowing nothing into or out of the wound.
– Works independently of the blood clotting cascade – even for people who tend to bleed easily.

Is Easy to Use:

– Needs blood to work
– Nontoxic, hypoallergenic and does not cauterize the skin
– Not metabolized by the body – it is not a drug
– Pour WoundSeal Powder on bleeding wounds and apply pressure for 30 seconds
– Portable packaging to stop bleeding at the point of injury

Proven Technology

– Used by leading hospitals
– Used by pro sports teams
– Used in thousands of occupational workplaces


 Rapid Response Pkg and Bottle

WoundSeal Rapid Response

For larger wounds or multiple cuts and lacerations.


– Same patented powder technology as WoundSeal that stops bleeding in seconds and seals the wound.
– Single-use bottle with more powder for fast and easy application.
– Proven to stop bleeding on larger wounds in a Department of Defense study.

Keep WoundSeal Rapid Response on hand for:

– Fleet vehicles
– First aid kits / cabinets
– Remote worksites
– Anywhere workers are at risk for significant cuts and lacerations, such as construction, manufacturing and mining.