Better First Aid
Bleeding injuries can have a major impact on an employer’s bottom line.  WoundSeal®, the only first aid product that stops bleeding instantly, can help minimize that impact by getting workers back on the job quickly, drastically reducing employee downtime.  WoundSeal can also help decrease unwanted trips to the ER and unnecessary OSHA-recordable claims.

WoundSeal is a topical powder that stops bleeding by creating an instant scab (or seal) when combined with blood. The instant scab seals the wound, which stops the bleeding and creates a barrier over the wound. The seal lets nothing in and nothing out, helping to reduce the risk of infection.  Beneath the seal, the body’s healing mechanism begins; the scab falls off naturally as the wound heals. WoundSeal even works for people who bleed easily because it doesn’t rely on the normal clotting factors in blood.

WoundSeal Occupational First Aid Products
WoundSeal is reinventing first aid with its complete line of occupational products, designed to treat bleeding wounds of various sizes and locations.

• For easy-to-reach wounds and cuts
• 2 single-use applications (powder in tubes) per pouch
• Pour WoundSeal powder directly from tube onto wound
WoundSeal + Applicator

• For hard-to-reach wounds and cuts
• 2 single-use applications (powder in blister packs and
microfiber swabs) per pouch
• Use the applicator swab to transfer WoundSeal powder
from the blister pack onto the wound
WoundSeal Rapid Response

• For larger or multiple wounds
• 1 single-use application (powder in dispenser bottle)
per pouch
• Pour WoundSeal powder directly from dispenser bottle
onto wound(s)


Fast, Effective & Easy to Use

Essential for any first aid kit, WoundSeal® powder is provided in portable pouch packaging, ideal for both first aid cabinets and for workers on the go who may not have access to the first aid cabinet. Blood must be present for WoundSeal to work. Simply apply WoundSeal powder to the bleeding wound and apply pressure for 30 seconds. WoundSeal stops bleeding in seconds by forming a protective seal/scab over the wound.


WoundSeal quickly pays for itself by helping workers get back on the job fast, minimizing disruption in the workplace and eliminating unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

Not Just for Blue Collar Workers

Fleet vehicle drivers and remote site workers need WoundSeal just as much as those back at the plant and likely do not have the luxury of a fully stocked first aid cabinet nearby. WoundSeal packaging is designed for portability, so it’s easy to use on the go and can help stop bleeding at the point of injury.

Bleeding wounds can cause major disruptions in white collar settings as well.
The demographic of an office worker is typically older than that of a physical labor worker, with higher earnings. A portion of these older workers may have thin skin, bleed easily or experience prolonged bleeding, in which case even a minor wound can be an issue. The opportunity cost of NOT having WoundSeal on hand for these higher earning workers by far outweighs the price of the product. Think of WoundSeal in an office first aid cabinet comparable to having a fire extinguisher at the office; you hope you don’t have to use it, but would you consider not having one?